September 03, 2014

Giving Permission to Pink and Copper

Get seriously, you have to get this. Its stunning and so perfectly on trend and then some.
Yes my gorgeous readers, pink and copper is it! Actually to be precise it should include pastel pink in any description with anything decorative including copper/bronze/gold.
Get your Husbands and Partners ready for this Pastel pink onslaught as this is going to be edging its way into your decorating and design psyche without you giving it permission or being consicous of its arrival. Some of you may need a little more convincing so I have put together all my favourite images of why pastel pink even just a hint of it and copper is Amazaballs.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, there is also marble coming in many ways other than bench tops.

Are you with me? Lets go!

September 02, 2014

Bookcase Styling Ideas

I have often admired the bookcase styling of the high end European and American blogs like the one below from Centsational Girl.......(and I know we have different styles but) I have wondered how to create the more contemporary eclectic bookcase looks I have seen in the glossy mags. I knew after trying to create eclectic layered styling on my buffet (that didn't work) that I had to sell it and find a bookcase that will 1. suit the space and 2. hold everything I need 3. be adjustable 4. be pure white and 5. no glass. 
That's not too much to ask right?

As always this provided me with a new design mission and I got to it and guess what? I sold the buffet, guess what? I found the bookcase and it was adjustable and white and came in different sized pieces that you fit together for your space and guess what? no glass who would have thunk it.

With a little more pinspiration, I got myself together, the bookcase together and pulled all the pieces together to start planning. It has to house a light and our family picture first up.
Then all my decor items (that need a home as I don't like to dot them around too much), then of course magazines (so many magazines) and then some books and vases.
Then I added the coloured pieces, a bonsai (of course) a clock, my skulls and a small amount of repetition. I placed and moved and changed and took some things away and added some things in. I had to balance bright colours and consider the weight of others. I lived with some of the changes for a day or two and then I would change them after staring at them for a while and find they were not quite right. Even now there is one section that I need to re position but I have some timber birds coming that will fir in perfectly. I am wondering if you can guess which part isn't quite balanced?
If you go up to the 1st picture and look at the bottom right you can see how there are 2 stacks of magazines 1 on top of the other. Thats what I will change once the birds arrive.
I thought I would bring all the pics to you and let you see from start to finish how I arrived at the  mostly end product. I will bring you a video tutorial on vignette placements very soon but for now here is the new space.

August 29, 2014

5 Cool Ways to Recycle Around the Home

(collaborative post)
5 Cool Ways to Recycle Around the Home
Using the different coloured bin isn’t the only way to recycle around the home. If you’re wanting to make a positive impact on the environment through your behaviour at home, there are a number of ways to recycle that you may not have thought of before. Below are five out-of-the-box ways to recycle around the home.  

Just because something has fulfilled its originally intended purpose, doesn’t mean it’s now useless. If your kids are into arts and craft, think about which items could be reused in a more interesting way. You never know what objects you’ll wish you hadn’t thrown away when the next school project rolls around. For example, shoeboxes and toilet paper rolls have been making appearances in dioramas for decades. If you’re an artistic type yourself, consider trying your hand at ‘recycled art.’ You might just find yourself creating a unique masterpiece! 

2. Hold on a Little Longer
Electronic devices that you could hold onto a little longer. The more frequently we replace and throw away things like phones, mp3 players, computers, and televisions, the more electronic waste we are inflicting on the environment. Consider keeping your current devices, even if they’re not the latest version, for longer. When you do need to upgrade, disposing of your old item isn’t necessarily the only option…

3. Recycle Your Energy
Recycling isn’t limited to material resources. By investing in solar panels for your house, you can effectively recycle your energy. Some solar panel systems allow you to save excess energy for future use and others even provide power back to the local grid. To find out more about your solar power options and get quotes from local installers, you need to speak with a company like Australian Solar Quotes

4. One Man’s Trash
When you’re about to throw away an item, think about whether someone else could use it. Reselling or donating used clothes, books, DVDs, devices, and other products can make a big difference to your impact on the environment. Obviously, the items in question need to still be usable and decent, but if they are… why not pass them on rather than toss them out? 

Getting added to the crafts box isn’t the only way for a used item to become repurposed. Get creative with your possessions and think outside the box for ways to use things more than once, sometimes in a way that was never intended! For example, old bread clips can be used as labels for power cords (amongst other things). When looking for quirky ways to reuse things, Google is your friend. Do a quick search of the item you have and see what other people around the world have done to repurpose it.

If you have a creative mind and a genuine desire to recycle more around your home, there’s no end to the possibilities. The most important thing is to have the right mindset, the attitude of “nothing is truly useless if I can find a use for it.”

August 28, 2014

Decorating a Small space.

I am off for a big day at work today. I thought I would leave you with one of my fave you tube decorating shows from the US. Great tips and tricks with a reality vibe. 
Sorry if you are reading from a phone or tablet this might be a biggish file.
Have a bumper Thursday.

August 27, 2014

How to choose the best Carpet.

(Thanks to Stainmaster, Elements at Home was chosen to give readers some top tips in how to choose your carpet)

Some people think that their bedroom is just for well-deserved beauty sleeps and although there is truth to this, it’s also a haven that exhibits your personality and originality; a place where you can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. But sitting on your unmade bed, you realise that your room has lost a bit of its personal touch. So how do you regain that perfect balance of luxury and comfort and what are some cost-effective and creative ways of doing this? Before you go shopping, here are some helpful and trendy tips to restyle your sanctuary with Stainmaster.

A Little Bit of Colour Won’t Hurt
Adding colour to a room can dramatically affect the mood, lighting and space. If you want to brighten up the setting of your room, you can paint your walls add art and beautiful bedlinen. However all of this works best when its paired with the perfect backdrop so consider a cohesive colour palette for your carpets. Handy Hint: Placing a vibrant rug in the centre of your bedroom to tie in all of the different furniture and fittings.

New Carpet = New Skin
Has your carpet or floor experienced its fair share of food and drink stains? Perhaps your furniture’s made permanent marks on the surface? If this is the case, it’s a great time to invest in a new carpet. But how is this creative? From cool to warm, elegant to romantic, putting down a new carpet is like cementing your individual personality into a room. And aside from the added texture and comfort, there are copious carpets that are easy to maintain and clean. For more information and tips on contemporary colour trends and styles, visit

How to Personalise your Style
Stainmaster can provide you with the best design tool to help you in visage the perfect carpet just for you.
Head over and click onto the easy to use Design Tools page. Customise the room, the colour and the pattern to work back with your own surroundings. There is also a handy carpet calculator there for you to find out just how muck carpet you will need.

Extra Touches in Comfort
Once your friends or family walk on your new carpet they may ask about a few little details that make it feel soft underfoot and comfortable to sit on after everyone has finished their family lunch. Stainmaster explain below what the differences are in the different piles to help you understand the touch and feel aspect of your carpet. Another great tool for you to decide what feel is important to you as a carpet buyer.

Do you feel ready to wear those overalls and think up of a design plan? If you have any other styling tips from past experiences, feel free to share your stories in the comments section.