5 things you will love about Yo Home

Oh, I am so excited to bring you Yo Home, an online site dedicated to providing the best sleep possible to help you #bebetter in every way of life and to revolutionise the way to simply sleep better. They have a young passionate team that is sourcing

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How to get your entertaining area organised for Summer

How to get your entertaining area organised for Summer This week we have been discussing everything to do with decorating your outdoors, which means longer days, warmer nights and of course, summer barbecues. To make sure you get the most out of

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Small Alfresco Decorating

I have never quite finished off decorating my pool alfresco space and I knew there was just a little something extra that it needed before summer hits us hard. Successful small alfresco decorating isn't always the easiest to achieve and I was

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Spreading roomers

What happens at a Styling Workshop?

What happens at a Styling Workshop? well first up we had a ball, we discussed all things design, styling and collaboration. It was  a day where other creatives could ask questions about how I style and what my eye sees in relation to decorating. The

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How to decorate with Pendant Lights

How to decorate with Pendant Lights Pendant lights have become one of the key items when designing any new room or space. If there is a room to be designed then a pendant light has to be part of the equation. Needed or not it has to be considered.

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A corner of my home with Justin Barnes

This series is the perfect place to showcase how we all use decor and design to personalise our space. This week we have Justin Barnes,  a local creative with a fabulous new home, willing to share with you a few corners of his home. If you would like

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The 5th Wall. 10 ways to decorate your ceiling.

1.Paint the cornices The ceiling is a surface of a room that receives the least amount of light from the outside, even if the room has large windows.   Generally it gets treated to a coat of white paint and some lighting. That is all very fair

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Horse on Toast.

Horse OnToast may not be what you had for breakfast but it is what Amy Perejuan-Capone had as her first meal outside of Australia. It was in Helsinki Finland and was the start of many inspiring moments that have become tales told through her work.

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Are feature walls in or are they out?

Are feature walls in or are they out? This seems to be the latest topic of conversation.. Well I think its completely subjective and why do we have to be so blunt about it anyway. They can be in if they are done right and they can be out if they

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Stylish cleaning is possible.

Stylish cleaning is possible. Seriously, you didn't even know this was a thing did you. Let me explain, I am always on the lookout for ways to make the mundane stylish and how very boring is cleaning, it is hard, its monotonous and it does not fit

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My Halloween Decorating for 2015

My Halloween Decorating for 2015 Personally I was never one for Halloween as a child and when I was a grown up I was even less excited about it. Then my kids started school and their friends celebrated it due to older siblings being around, now

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Lets decorate your Playroom.

Remember when we finished our playroom. We have and amazing mix of photography, artwork, prints and decor items. I have the IKEA Kivik sofas with custom covers in my favourite colour (green) from Comfort Works and my fave wall colour Dulux Malay

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My 6 Favourite Dulux White Paints.

  You know I love to talk about Dulux white paints. I thought I would share with you my 6 favourite white paints for the upcoming 2016 season and how they have been used as successful all over colours throughout this year already. Many

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DIY garden wall art.

I was looking for a little DIY  wall art over the weekend and turned to the garden for some inspiration. I also realised my real life living plants would not last the test of time so I grabbed the old fake flowers I used to adore and starting pulling

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