August 21, 2014

I Vlogged! Let me take you on a tour of my Daughters room design.

Extremely scary but still exciting to show you my 1st Vlog.
Video Blog of my Daughters room and the selections we made. I thought it would be fun to discuss the spec and selections with you rather than write them all down.
Let me know if you have any tips or tricks and if you have any questions. 



August 20, 2014

Design in WA. Christie Blizzard

Design in WA
This gorgeous girl is Christie Blizzard. Do you recognise her? She was the super talented pocket rocket from that show The Renovators and although its only been 4 years, she has packed a lot in since the show aired. She has developed a superior talent for interior design, sourcing products and  her absolute passion for decorating kids spaces.  
She has renovated a home for a deserving Perth family, decorated spaces for Mission Australia and personally renovated many a family home with the latest space combining all her new design ideas and hands on renovating skills to convert a run down warehouse into a modern design wonder.
The renovation took 2 years and was an absolute labour of love. Christie used to admire this building growing up, so when it came up for sale it was a given that she and her family would be the perfect fit to create a personal and amazing space. There are the hand cast concrete bench tops, and polished concrete floors, black-butt doors and door frames, left over bottles form the Merrywell at Crown that have created a mural masterpiece. Handpicked floor and wall tiles in the bathroom and a ball pit with viewing window from the kitchen. 
This home is so jam packed with personal stories and cute family orientated design ideas and I loved hearing about all of them, it was absolutely clear that "Blizzard" heart and soul was put into every design spec chosen.
The Master bed and ensuite were amazing. The sink in the ensuite is indeed a drinks trough from a local primary school and the story behind picking it up was one of my faves.
I think as you scroll through all the beautiful images of Christies home renovation you will get to see and understand the level of personalisation and commitment to design that Christie takes. 
This is the reason why she has become so well known for her kids bedroom designs. She is a talent at bringing together real treasures, crafted pieces, high style and personalisation. 
Now grab a coffee and enjoy this tour of her home and don't forget to ask about any of the design specs you see along the way. 

Head over to Christie's Facebook page to say Hi and let her know I sent you.

August 18, 2014

Where I blog from. The Hidden extras.

I have a new desk area where I blog and work from. Its probably the space I use the most and have invested quite a lot of background research into. What I mean by background is that we had to plan ahead for the this space to work functionally. We don't have a designated office in this house and instead we have a designated desk space and its part of the kitchen.
I thought I would share some of the hidden design features we used.

I used a timber bench for the space to make it look more like a separate zone but used the same splash back tile for the walls to keep the area linked. The timber bench is the same veneer that was used on the island bench cabinetry for continuity.

The window frame for this space was also changed to work with the kitchen window frame also being black. The rest of the house is Silver. I don think you would ever have noticed if I didn't point it out. This was also decided so we could integrate a black dual block out roller blind to the window. I like a seamless look in the kitchen and the roller was the only way to go as external this window surround will be clad in timber panelling when my hubby gets to it.

You can see the courtyard out the front is the same space my desk window looks out to so I can watch the kids play while I work. They also feel comfortable knowing I am "just there"

The wall of bi folds. I can t wait to use these more in summer and I can't wait until our plants are in.
Digressing as usual.

Desk Decor

The view from inside the kitchen.

Now for the hidden extras. The hidden drawers specifically for charging everything that starts with an  "i" It also houses the DS, the hard drive and my SLR charger. All the cords are plugged in below on the wall and inside where the printer is below the desk. Also another little hide hole.

I love the way the desk looks like its cutting into the kitchen cabinetry.

This little stack of books and a bird are actually hiding the modern which is sitting behind and plugged in through a hole in the desk which runs down to behind the "essential bits" drawer and a filing drawer for all the bills and receipts.

What else could a girl need? Well I do need a desk organiser know the ones you put your pens and pencils and grab quickly items, but aside from that I think I am covered.
Can you think of anything else or do you have some hints and tips for desk organisation?

August 14, 2014

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles. How do you decide.

De-mystifying the divide between Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

(This post was kindly written by Perth’s very own humble Interior Decorating Goddess ☺ Connect with Emily on Google + and feel free to comment or share!)

Whether you are building or renovating your existing home, one of the final key stages before completion is choosing the ideal flooring for your favoured room. If you are looking for a floor that’s stylish, durable and low maintenance, ceramic and porcelain tiles are a timeless choice. 
Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles can often leave you feeling somewhat mystified. Since both tiles offer a limitless range of textures, colours and sizes, you may find selecting the ideal tile a little more time-consuming if you are after that perfect balance of functionality and style. 
Before you decide to invest in ceramic or porcelain tiles, it’s useful to understand the difference and how it applies to your particular flooring needs. 
Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles generally cost less than porcelain tiles and are available in a variety of glazed and un-glazed finishes. Before purchasing ceramic tiles, be sure to understand the appropriate application relating to the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating. The PEI is a guide that assists you in choosing the right tile based on your intended application and the level of foot traffic associated with the area where it will be applied.

Colourful Ceramic Floor Tiles from Portugal
Depending on your preferred application method and PEI grading, ceramic tiles can provide a durable and wear-resistant finish suitable for interior use only and are suitable for light to moderate traffic areas, as it is more prone to wear. 
Ideally recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and extremely resistant to:
  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Fire
  • Sunlight
  • Slipping (non-glazed tiles)
Naturally hard and non-porous, ceramic tiles are constructed from a mixture of clays, water and minerals, which are then pressed, fired and either glazed or left unglazed. Available in a matte or high-gloss finish, careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing glazed tiles, especially in areas that are prone to moisture and could lead to slippage. 
Porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles offer greater flexibility in terms of application due to its extremely dense and non-porous properties, especially when compared to that of ceramic tiles. Constructed from clay, porcelain tiles are pressed and fired at exceedingly high temperatures to produce a dense, hardwearing tile. 
 Natural Stone Replica Porcelain Tiles
Depending on your chosen application and desired finish, you can choose between glazed or un-glazed porcelain in either a high-gloss, matte or textured finish. Another thing to consider when using un-glazed porcelain tiles is that if you tile should chip the layers beneath the surface will retain the same colour, whereas that of a glazed tile will differ slightly. This is why un-glazed porcelain tiles are commonly referred to as ‘through-coloured’ tiles.
Porcelain tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, high traffic areas and rooms where moisture is apparent, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. Before selecting your tile, be sure to consider the size and layout of your room and the required PEI ratings for your application.
Although porcelain tiles are somewhat tricky to install and require some specialist tools, it is still favoured among DIY enthusiasts due to its resistance to: 
  • Moisture
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Deep abrasions
  • Frost
While it is easy to assume that porcelain tiles are more expensive, it always pays to do your research and speak to the professionals before making a selection, since there are various factors that influence the price point of this particular product. 
When it comes to choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles, the difference may seem subtle on the surface. Both porcelain and ceramic offer excellent applications, as well as providing long-lasting and durable flooring solutions if well maintained
If you are looking for a surface that’s stylish, tasteful and budget-friendly, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a timeless finish that enhances the natural beauty of any home. Whether you are building or renovating, or just laying a new floor, consider the beauty and versatility of ceramic and porcelain tiles for an elegant look and feel.

August 13, 2014

Shop. Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door is an online shopfront full of little finds from individual designers all around the world. Many have a little Scandi influence as your curator, Kate loves this style too.
The focus is on Artwork and cushions, the two things that can bring together the style of a room simply and easily. I love the innocence and delight these pieces all bring to a space as the colours are subtle and fun rolled into one. If you head over to Yellow Front Door you will have the opportunity to read about each of the designers and who they are, I love this part...the little insights make the designers real people not just names on the page. I have put together my faves and you will be able to see for yourself they all bring something special to your decor......and at some very reasonable pricing you won't have to choose just one.

Please head over and say Hi to Kate and check out her gorgeous collection, and tell her Elements sent you.