April 21, 2014

The Velvet Design Train, 2014 Design Trends

I heart Velvet, Velour or Velveteen in any of its forms. 

Lets start the velvet ball rolling and get into velvet curtains. These not only work well in extremely stuffy, snobby rooms that Kings and Queens play cards in but also in loft apartment with concrete floors to add texture and warmth. I know the Kings and Queens I design for, would choose this silk velvet fabric option over any others, but the lowly peasant apartment dwellers who can only afford concrete for floors should be so lucky that the industrial revolution has now given them a polyester version which now makes their space look luxurious and rich.
Just teasing, I don't design for Kings and Queens.

The Fabric that was once only associated for its symbol of affluence is now available and usable for Interior Design the world over.  I love the idea that you can add a rich soft touch feel fabric on a sofa that you sit, lay and relax on. I recently helped a client out with fabric selection and it was a large cord velvet that we could not stop cuddling once the sofa was delivered. It was just divine.

Velvet is also and amazing addition to furniture or features that are being buttoned or tufted.
 The fibres stretch well but still look appealing once they have been pulled through. Not like a woven look fabric which can have open weaves that can break or stretch and not spring back.

Cushions and bedding go straight to the top of the list when I am hunting for winter decor additions. The feel is perfect to add an instant feel and atmosphere to a room when I am doing a mini update.

Have you ever heard of the Martindale Test. Its a way for fabric designers to check how hard wearing a fabric is for you to use on your every day items. Especially beneficial to be aware of when you are choosing your sofas or dining chairs. I love Velour's or Velvets as generally speaking they are high on the Marindale Test with certain brands reaching up to 80,000 rubs. 
Just to let you know general domestic use only needs 20,000 rubs to be classed as an every day sofa fabric.

This fact alone should get your on board the velvet train.
I am on the hunt for velvet sofa covers for my new ikea chaises for my kids room. 
Where would you use it?

April 19, 2014

Pastel Texture Bling

Images: Courtesy Bernd Westphal and Trendland

I am mostly about the Interiors and then comes the colour......
but this is a whole other ball game. I could not stop looking over these images and just had to share them with you too.
If you are a creative type you can only sit back and be lost for words at how clever this 
Hamburg photographer Bernd Westphal really is. 
He specialises in editorial images for Vogue and GZ Live Magazine.
If his brief was too make jewellery beautifully thought provoking with a hint of 
texture versus soft hues, I think he nailed it.

Such Talent. 
Happy Easter Sunday my gorgeous Elements at Homies

April 18, 2014

If only they would multiply like Gremlins.

All the different chairs I have considered as my new Dining Chairs

For a moment there I felt completely defeated. 
I had agonised over my dining chair decision, then choosing it and presenting my spreadsheets for Husband, wining him over at only $125 from Ikea. I needed 11 so I went to sit on it in the showroom and found out it was having supply issues and the 4 they had would not multiply if I added water like a gremlin. 
Ok, switch my mind into how to be happy with the next in line. Which were cheaper also from Ikea but out of Hubby's comfort zone visually. 
I spoke to the sales person, "there are heaps, you won't have a problem getting these".
Phoned Hubby and he agreed that if I bring one home for him to try out and let him be around it for a little while.

Deal done I purchased 1 x Flat pack chair knowing I could only get a credit if I built it and happily went on home and made Hubby build it. I even used it in a little photo shoot for my new console table although this pic didn't make the grade. I went to purchase the other 10 last Friday and they also have been deleted......WHAT! OK, switch my mind......I know I will ring the eastern states and get 10 of the 16 they have shipped over. Oh that's right....our IKEA in Perth is a franchise and the stores don't speak......WHAT! Are you kidding me. 
I want to give you my money and no Ikea store wants to take it.
Ikea you have let me down 3 times on 3 different chairs......
Seriously what dining can I order in lots of 10. 
Nothing. Right OK, Switch my mind.

I am getting my Dining Table made by the very talented bespoke table craftsmen Michael Hayes, see how talented he is by the detail in this piece above. Seriously, if you are after a special piece hand made with your specific requirements then this is the guy.

On the left is my inspiration and on the right are "the chosen ones"
My Pendant, My Dining Table shape and............ta...da, My new chairs.
Not from IKEA. 

To be fair I have instead ordered something I don't need 10 of from IKEA and Hubby and I are both excited about this one. We have chosen 3 x KIVIK chaise lounges and I am getting some fabric samples sent over from the UK to cover them in. Oh so very worldly aren't we. 

The other inspiration for my dining looks are above. I am hoping the next time I update you on my dining space it will be the complete look in situ.
 Now that is sorted I am ready to have not just a Good Friday but a Great Friday.

April 16, 2014

Voices of 2014, Did I mention I am from Perth.

If you are here for Design today I am sorry this one is all personal. 
I don't digress often but this is a special occasion. 
I went to Sydney for the Kidspot Blogging Masterclass and Voices of 2014 Launch Party after finding out I had made it into the Top40 Beauty and Lifestyle category. Woohoo, go me.
This was not the easiest of decisions as to be completely honest the day I received the email was the same day we heard my Hubby's job would be finishing up.
I am based in Perth and you know flights alone are a big deal. I had told him my news before he had told me his so his reaction was already "wow, well you have to go to Sydney and maybe we can both go as our 10 year wedding anniversary present.
By that evening I was going alone and felt so very guilty about it but we had come up with a plan to make it work.......and again I can not thank you enough hubby.

My room was divine, it even had my name on the TV when I walked in.....I think I want to program my TV to do this every time I get home from work.
I ordered Room Service Dinner and ran a Bubble Bath (my first of 4), face timed my kids with my jocks on my head as that's always more fun. I watched Pretty Woman, painted my nails and planned my next day of a morning walk to Starbucks (not available in Perth) and a spot of shopping.

Very excitedly I snapped a selfie and then went downstairs to the pre-booked bus. We headed off to the Blogger Masterclass where I met some really lovely girls. I am a nervous talker so I introduced myself straight away to everyone I sat next too. Oh and did I tell you how 
beside myself I was to be going to Megan Morton's The School.  
This day couldn't have gotten any better. We drove by Chair Candy and being the design geek that I am, just taking a photo of the front of the shop was fun for me. Did I mention I was from Perth. 
The list of Design Stores we do have is way smaller than the list we don't.

There was inspiration all around and I for the first time in a long time (using the incredibly cool notepad and pen) I wrote Notes, see above, real notes. 
I sat and I listened intently and then I noticed all these IG images and Tweets appearing on a board at the front of the room......oh wow we use our phones while we are listening and its allowed. 
I felt like a kid in a social media candy store. 
You can see the amazing list of speakers and what the subjects were here at

Once we finished the Masterclass, which I loved.....I took a little bit of time to suck down as much design as possible while still keeping an eye out for the bus......I didn't need that to leave without me as I wouldn't have worked out what to do next.....Did I mention I was from Perth.
Anyway I was so quick with my design photos that some if not 
most were a good dose of blurry, so you are all lucky enough to get to see the toilets (I am a designer no matter what room I am in) and some of Koskela over the gate......

Here is too gorgeous new friends, Little Wolff, Always Josefa and Kirsten and Co.......and my other potential new friends Ford, Olympus and Garnier. I know I just said that out loud. 
Cheeky like that I am. Or just super duper excited to be part of this years Kidspot #voicesof2014 blogger nominations. 

As the night got louder we went from twittering, instagramming and face-booking each other, to watching Woogs squeeze her pimples in the camera doing the interviews. 
Now, she is all kids of cheeky and cool chick rolled into one.

Elements at Home Won't Trap Food (perfect screenshot) but it will release you from thinking 
Interior Design can't be fun and humorous.
You can read more about me if you head over here.

April 15, 2014

White Knight Blackboard Paint Furniture

I am so excited to show you where my Blackboard Paint up cycle has taken me.
You remember where we started, practising with an old chair here.
Then I was given permission by TMOFAFU (The Minister of Finance and Furniture Upcycling) to go ahead and give the simple timber console table a Blackboard Paint Makeover.
I even had some 2 year old colour input. We did a colour mix practice run on the cardboard box and then got to it.
I really must confess that I am a complete Blackboard Paint convert since using 
this White Knight Spray. It goes on beautifully and is so easy and 
simple to use and it has an incredible black look to it.
Don't tell anyone but I have also agreed to a blackboard wall in the kitchen.
White Knight you have completely changed my mind and my kids and Hubby thank you.

I decided to just paint the legs for a mix of black and timber, this means if I ever feel like having a simple look I can rub all the colour off and it will stall be a stylish piece of furniture.

Some inspiration taken from an Old Vogue Living mag and my journal.

Once finished I just needed to decide how much more we would decorate the top so it was still a balanced look.

I am sure I will constantly change whats on the top  but the legs took so much time and effort to get right and still need a little tweaking that I will keep this pattern for some time to come.

Another pic I am putting straight on Pinterest. 
What do you think, would you up cycle furniture with blackboard paint?