Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

My Hubby asked yesterday what would we be doing for Valentines day. Ummmmmmm......well, you will be surprising me with love hearts scattered around the house, rose petals on the floor and flowers and chocolates on the table, candles lit leading into

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10 Ways to use a Sunroom.

The crazy weather here in Perth is taking up some of my favourite summer days.  Its these days of wind and rain mixed with the sun that I find myself sitting on my concrete floors in the glass lit hallway enjoying the way the heat radiates around the

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Two Rock

An Insight into Wolf Architects

Imagine you have purchased a piece of land or an old house and you want to make it in to a home - your home. A space that reflects you, and feels like a big warm hug when you step inside. You want a place that is inspiring and edgy with a

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concrete after

Polished Concrete Floors. Questions and Answers.

Polished Concrete Floors. There is a lot to know but there is some simple answers. I love timber floors, like reeeeeaaalllly love them, barrrrt......my hubby finally convinced me to try out concrete floors on this build. I could only think its

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Stylish bag alert, perfect for designers.

Stylish Bag Alert, perfect for designers. It fits everything I need when I go off to meet with my clients and it looks super stylish hanging on my drop zone hooks. Boom! What more would you need. Stylish, Affordable and it fits all the

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Best Of Houzz 2016

[For Design and/or Customer Service winners] “Anyone building, renovating or decorating looks to Houzz for the most talented and service-oriented professionals” said Jason Chuck, Managing Director for Houzz Australia. “We’re so pleased to recognise

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There was a time when I couldn’t style beds.

There was a time when I couldn't style beds. Hard to believe I know 😉 I used to find the idea of styling them for work purposes quite daunting and I would do anything to avoid them. Being asked to dress the bedrooms in my role as a Visual

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Horse Print. Get this wall decor for under $40.

  Horse Print. Get this wall decor for under $40. Sometimes I can't commit to certain looks because I know that some of my style wants are not forever. Often we find ourselves falling in love with items because we see them over and

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In The Spotlight. Cantilever Interiors

  Cantilever Interiors is a Melbourne based designer-manufacturer and installer of quality kitchens that are intelligently designed, hand crafted, sustainable, ergonomic and above all else, functional. Their Australian-made,

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Christmas Decorating Before and After

I have never liked moving things around my home.......wait what! You know that is 100% untrue. I am all about moving things here there and everywhere......my Hubby loves to see our furniture in different rooms too......Ok now I am really messing with

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My Investment Property Secret

My Investment property secret You know how we are now in our 11th house (no seriously we are) and 4 of those were renovations with a 12th house being an investment. Unfortunately, it was not a successful investment property because 1. The local

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5 Renovations for 2016

5 Renovations for 2016 2016 is just around the corner which means its a great time to start planning for your home Renovations. This of course is a great way to make an old space feel new again and make your house feel closer to being the home you

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candles10of the best

10 of the Best Candles. You can’t have too many.

Can you have too many candles? Surely not.  Considering you don't decorate with 1 candle you always have multiples and you can use them in every room of the house I would say there is no such thing as too many. With so many variations out there you

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5 things you will love about Yo Home

Oh, I am so excited to bring you Yo Home, an online site dedicated to providing the best sleep possible to help you #bebetter in every way of life and to revolutionise the way to simply sleep better. They have a young passionate team that is sourcing

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