July 30, 2014

What would you do with this space?

I love the idea of a painted piece of furniture in our living area. We need to take something timber out of the area as the dining table and our breakfast bench are both timber and there needs to be a different texture to mix things up. I have talked to Hubby and we have agreed something else,       
but what?
I do love the idea of painting our buffet, which is feasible and doable but I think I am over doing it on the Green as much as I could do it in a heartbeat or a really nice warm grey like the one above.
I am a little concerned about the amount of drawers and doors to work with but I think it will be worth it.

My Only other thought was to create a pipe bookcase for the same space and sell the buffet.

FYI, all of those discussions came about because we couldn't decide what artwork to put on the wall.
Have a great Wednesday. What would you do with the space?

July 29, 2014

IKEA sofa covers. The Sofa Selfie Part 2

So its been slightly longer then a couple of weeks since I first shared with you here about my order of the new IKEA Kivik chaise sofa covers. We ordered the covers before the sofas and had to wait until we moved in to be able to share what we thought about the fit and look.
I am over the moon to report that they fit perfectly, look fantastic and are easy to put on. I also have to mention within the first few days of them being on, my dog jumped on one of them with yellow sandy feet so I popped it in the wash and it came out like new.........now that is what I call a true to description product. I love being able to tell you all, this is one place I put  
my stamp of approval all over. 
This is not a paid sponsorship but I did tell Comfort Works I would be blogging about my journey with them and they offered me a "designer discount" which I get with many companies as an 
Interior Stylist.
The people at IKEA were a little confused when I asked for 3 sofas and no covers but I am so glad I was able to make this decision. 
Please head over and say Hi and don't forget they don't just make IKEA covers but Pottery Barn covers too, if this isn't you then you can also get a quote for your very own bespoke    
covers for any style and size.

July 28, 2014

Design in WA. Orno Interiors.

Perth hosts some of the most talented and inspiring Designers and Interior Professionals and I decided that is was time to share them with all of you. 
Each month I will be bringing you a little snippet of Design in WA.
Lets start this series off with a Design House that has to go on your must visit list. 
Orno Interiors is located in Highgate on Beaufort St. Established by the gorgeous mother and daughter team of Rose and Gabrielle Sherwood, they provide an amazing and vast knowledge of decor, design, art and bespoke furniture. With an inviting retail space that has you taking a step into full room ideas, fabric options and product snippets you will find the unique, the desired and the wanted. They really do have a little something for everyone.
Let me also impart that just because you can't see it does not mean they can't provide it. 
As far as products go they can supply furniture, upholstery, curtains and blinds, soft furnishings and homewares. With the added bonus of their combined 
20 years of Interior Design knowledge helping you put it all together. 
They also have incredible sourcing abilities and an in-house bespoke furniture provider. 
I am telling you if you need a modern take on classic and timeless elegance this is your first stop.
I encourage you to drop in and see if Rose and Gabrielle can help you with your design questions, they are full of heart, love what they do and simply want to help you create a home that is all you and not "off the shelf" 
Personally, it was an absolute joy hearing the passion Gabrielle and Rose have for design as we chatted. Thanks so much girls for allowing me to share Orno Interiors with my readers.

You can drop in to Orno Interiors or follow them via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

July 22, 2014

I Got Sacked

I got sacked last week. Well more like I received these sacks last week.
I had seen these Varpunen Laminated Sacks around the design websites and was taken by the colours, patterns and look of them. I hunted and looked around at all my options and to tell you the absolute honest truth I was considering buying them solely to hold toilet rolls in the guest powder room. 
Did you just spit your coffee out? I am serious I had not found any stylish toilet roll storage holders and this seemed like a good option at the time. 
When they arrived from Finland.....that alone sounds cool right! (I love the feeling of supporting "makers" globally) I hugged them. Literally. Hubby thought I was strange, but I love great design and I love when its as good as the picture and blurb says it is. 
Anyway I couldn't bring myself to use them in the powder rooms and so we now have them collecting toys at the end of the day and as a plant pot cover. 
These were my pick but you might like some of the others I came across so I have included them below.

Have you got these storage sacks at your house? What do you store in them?

July 21, 2014

The Chestnuts 11.........We have officially moved in.

The Facade, I can't wait for the gardens to arrive.

Woohoo we are in, well sort of. There are no boxes left and everything is in its room/home/space but just not totes organised like I would like it/want it/need it. My OCD is playing up a bit and my left eye is twitching slightly but we are getting there. School Holidays have helped and hindered. No lunches to pack or washing, ironing or sand finding but a mix of "can you put stuff in that box" and "can you unpack that box please". BORING.......for them but they have to be part of it, right.
Our builder has been A.Mazing and I could not recommend him more with almost every trade that walked through the door being very professional.
We worked bloody hard to get to this point can I say. We are 11 homes in, we made sacrifices, worked until our eyes fell out our heads and then went to work, we had 2 kids in there and 2 dogs and tried to keep up with all things friends and family. I am proud of what we have achieved and I am sooooo going to enjoy being in this home for quite some time to come. 
I am thinking even my blog may morph a little to accommodate all the fun I am going to have in this little pocket of the world, so I hope you stay for the ride and don't forget to ask questions and comment with your thoughts along the way.

Good bye to the Old House. Good Times, Good Times.

Some of my favourite shots around the house so far. I have also shared these on Facebook.

The Kids bedrooms are coming together but I am looking forward to some final pieces of the puzzles to arrive. I will detail each room further into the coming weeks.

My favourite outdoor angles and images so far.

The entry and that Beetle print. 

I will obviously have more for you over the next coming, well.......forever so stay tuned.
Thanks for hanging in there and waiting for me to get my self together.
Onward and Upward.