June 20, 2010


Loving Yellow and want to know how to add into your home decor
Yellow = Warmth, happiness and new beginnings.
With this in mind, where in your home would you like to introduce some extra happiness.
I would 1st consider your existing flow colours through your home and take away any decor or items with your current highlight colour so you have a clean palette to start with....Then consider if your would like to add yellow as a paint colour or decor colour.....
If its paint, sample pots will be imperative to help you choose the best yellow.
Yellows wavelength reaches the eye faster so it doesn't need to be a strong yellow to make an impact......
I am in love with yellow decor that pops amongst greys, whites and blacks.....and if you didn't think you liked yellow before, you might after you see a little inspiration
How are you introducing yellow.?

Yellow accents
Yellow dining
Yellow Living
Yellow Walls
Yellow Wallpaper
Yellow entrance
Yellow Sleeping
Yellow Lamps
Yellow Kitchen
Yellow Nursery


  1. Great post - I had some images with grey and yellow and white saved up for a future post too as I've been really drawn to this combination for interiors lately. I am hoping to introduce some yellow decor into our living room which is predominantly charcoal grey and white at the moment. I think yellow is such a happy colour.

  2. I'm a fan of yellow as an accent colour. It looks amazing when done well.

  3. Did you do this post for me?? Yellow is my recent obsession!! And that door in the first picture? Love it!

  4. Lovely post, I do like yellow with grey blak & white. I espeially love the wallpaper pics!!

  5. I love the big flower wallpaper pic...its just so divine. Waking up to flowers in bed has got to make you happy in the morning;)
    Thanks for popping in .

  6. Hello! Love your post and have just joined.

  7. Many beautiful and original ideas, I love the first photo, the house with the yellow door is wonderful,compliments

  8. Yellow is my favorite! Love all these images.


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