June 29, 2010

Please come in

When you 1st walk in this is your greeting...
I am not sure if its perfect yet, it might be as simple as the double bass needing to be straight instead of on a lean...little tweaks as I move around the house will slowly happen and any input from my Bloggy freinds that have a keen eye for this sort of thing would be very welcome.
This is just the 1st couple of rooms.

Our Dining
A little snipet of our kitchen and breakfast bench
My little things I love to collect
Even hubby got in on the organisation act.
What to do with the left over wallpaper...cover my files of course
You get to see it again. Just because I love it.

June 24, 2010


Because Peonies make me smile I thought I would let you all start your day with smile also.
These flowers are the traditional flower of China, the state flower symbol of Indiana in the US and the 12th Wedding anniversary flower....because we all know that last fact, as our husbands always remember which flower to buy us each anniversary *wink*.
They are regarded for their romance and prosperity and are a good omen for good fortune and a happy marriage.
All of that aside they are just a gloriously beautiful flower that adds softness and beauty to any room.
If you have a living room or dining room full of masculine colours and textures this flower is perfect to decorate with to add a touch of elegance and femininity.

Mctara Gallery Pastel Peony Canvas
Love the Peony Cushion

Cute Peony Table

Nursery decals and linen
Paper pom pom pendants

Tea tastes better
You know I love this wall paper
 Peonies in a corner ;)

June 22, 2010

Decorating With.......

Vintage Luggage

Because there are no hard and fast rules on objects that can be used for decorating its more about how you group them and what you group together.....
...and like I have said before, choose and item and just be confident that your instincts are right when you stand back and look at your items. They will tell you if something isn't quite right.
With this in mind, take on the "less is more" effect....and layer and re configure until it does feel right.
Look at your collection of items and spot the odd one out and don't be afraid to give it a holiday from your decorating collection....
Think of it like this, your most favourite tweed jacket is so timeless and in a great colour but the Chinese collar and long length just are not whats "in"...you always get compliments but you have been wearing it for the last 2 winters.....and now you feel it just time for a new one with an up to date shape.....You don't have to give it away. You just need to put it back in the cupboard for a bit of a holiday.....
What objects do you like to decorate with?
Hat boxes




Champagne Glasses


Urns and Jugs



June 20, 2010


Loving Yellow and want to know how to add into your home decor
Yellow = Warmth, happiness and new beginnings.
With this in mind, where in your home would you like to introduce some extra happiness.
I would 1st consider your existing flow colours through your home and take away any decor or items with your current highlight colour so you have a clean palette to start with....Then consider if your would like to add yellow as a paint colour or decor colour.....
If its paint, sample pots will be imperative to help you choose the best yellow.
Yellows wavelength reaches the eye faster so it doesn't need to be a strong yellow to make an impact......
I am in love with yellow decor that pops amongst greys, whites and blacks.....and if you didn't think you liked yellow before, you might after you see a little inspiration
How are you introducing yellow.?

Yellow accents
Yellow dining
Yellow Living
Yellow Walls
Yellow Wallpaper
Yellow entrance
Yellow Sleeping
Yellow Lamps
Yellow Kitchen
Yellow Nursery

June 17, 2010

My little room...Stage 1....

So I have spent today as the part of stage 1 of the ideas room, just putting things away and finding creative ways of storing certain things....essentials.
I will slowly over time re organise again and subtract from what is currently important to access...I can see the attic above the garage will start filling up with boxes, but you know I can't live with the unnecessary...
I started here..

How do I keep the little guy entertained...with the cheapest toy I have ever bought..

There are some things kept, that really don't have a space in your day to day life but you just can't bring yourself to live without them. They are the things I currently stored in many cupboards across my home and mostly in my office...This new little room (which I am very proud of) has made me reassess what seems important.......currently.Where do you store your photo albums, many computer discs, rolls of contact, printing paper...oh I could keep going but you will get bored.

Where did I hide my pens...behind the little sample of discontinued wallpaper.

Hubby gets some visual inspiration also...Just not in the middle of the room like he 1st suggested.

June 16, 2010


This seems to be the latest topic of conversation..
Are feature walls in or are they out?
Well I think its completely subjective.
It seems feature rooms have become more popular than the feature wall but you can't escape that some homes and rooms, only need a dash of colour or just a small highlight.
So we could argue that painted feature walls are out but stone clad, wood panelled or wallpapered is in.
I have to say in all honesty does that not mean those walls have become "featured" so feature walls are still in......
....and to me that means paint is one of those Elements.
If you only feel comfortable with paint and you only have 1 or 2 spots to decorate then that is not wrong as your feature wall. I will say however there are right and wrong ways of adding feature walls into your home.
So  a few rights to think of...Consider your base or flow colour 1st now what colour do you feel will add a touch of personality to your home.
If its green go for something that sits well against your flow colour.....and stick with the greens if your going to add this feature to more than 1 room.
Now saying all that there are alot of alternatives to paint for feature walls...although a little more expensive than paint they are still a wonderful way of adding personality and a touch of design to your space.

A painted feature wall thanks to a local cafe

a painted feature wall over a fireplace thanks to Decor Pad
Some wood panel walls...apartment therapy

Upholstered walls...diamond tufted.

Beautiful Wallpaper...thanks I will take 1 of those.
Double Opulance...painted and wallpapered

Maybe your not ready for a full wall how about covering a canvas and hanging it.

Stone walls
Or stone cladding

Now this is the part where I would usually say there are some that I wouldn't do and that are wrong or no longer the trend forward, but that would be subjective wouldn't it.