I am very excited.
My first Stylish Blogger award comes from not 1 but 2 of my favourite Bloggy friends
Martha from Jelly Shane
To follow in the tradition of these awards I am to share 7 facts about me and the pass the award on to my fellow bloggy friends with links back to the ones who gave the award to me.
Here goes, some things you will be interested to know but will not retain

1. I just chopped all my hair off. It was really long and I had enough of it all over everything.
I am still getting used to the new do and try and get up early enough to actually straighten it and wear it out. I wish I loved the girly upkeep thing more, its so much easier putting it up in a pony.
Shameless laptop photo that I have never used.  I may take it down later. Its very confronting.

2. I went to 7 different schools when I was young because we moved so often. I have learnt to meet new people easily.
No I am not in the witness protection program, nor am I a gypsy and we are not in the army. 
This used to make me sing and dance like I was in High school Musical
3. My Nanna was Italian but her family changed their last names and stopped speaking the language when they moved to Australia so they could get work and “fit in”. 
4. I was a state gymnast but retired when I was 14(I felt so old at the time) due to my body not coping.
I had a knee reconstruction at the age of 22 and 10 years later I am about to get the other one done.
Ok maybe not 10 years later but a lady never reveals her true age.
5. I quite often have dreams that come true…..they are possibly coincidental but my friends get a little freaked out when I tell them something that happens to them and they haven’t discussed it with anyone.
No I haven’t dreamt the lotto numbers, but I will be sure to tell all of you when I do dream them so we can all share the joy.
6.  I don’t eat seafood or drink wine.
I wish I did it seems so refined.
7. I love anything to do with decorating and design. I wish I could have found my calling straight out of school. But life lead me in different directions and I didn’t find my decor love until I was 25.
I am surely making up for it now.
Now to pass on this award to some other stylish bloggy friends that I have discovered.
I love these blogs for lots of different reasons but most of all because they simply inspire my design sensibilities
Jodie from The House
Leigha Oaks from elle oh
Sherry Hart from design indulgence
Take care of yourselves.
I am about to start batting down the hatches as a cyclone is heading our way.
This is one Crazy Summer we are having folks.