July 20, 2012

Big Art

How to choose the right wall art is actually quite a challenge and if you get it wrong there will be a whole focal point of wrong.....

(I know this is about art but check out that fireplace!)
Its not easy if it doesn't come naturally and having a few tips can make your search a little easier
Have in mind your decorating style.....
Modern, Retro, Traditional or maybe Minimalist, this will help you narrow down the look of the art you are after
Make sure its suitable for the room its going in.....You can see above there is food in the dining room and a landscape in the living room 

The Mood will also be translated, such as calm, vibrant, fun or formal.
I love the fun print above

For me the most important thing to consider is size.

If you have a country or traditional style you will probably need to compliment larger furniture items and chunky finishes, so a large piece of art or a series of smaller ones to fill the space will be beneficial.

For a minimal or modern style interior you will probably be heading toward a large scale piece that may consist of canvas, photography or perspex.

Personally I like these sort of abstract pieces below for a modern contemporary feel.

This is one is by the lovely Lona de Anna and can be purchased through her 
Etsy store by clicking Here

My other fave is this lovely piece by Driftwood Interiors Kerri Shipp
Again you can find it here and until the 30th of June Kerri is have a sale so get in quick.

Here are some great DIY Art ideas if the budget is tight

Family story art


Ceiling Rose Art
Fave song Lyric Art

The best tip of all is to find some wall safe tape and  on the walls you are looking to fill, create some outlines and then measure this way you will have an idea of the minimum size you can go and maximum size.
You should also even if using 1 or multiple pieces to fill the space consider the size and orientation of your wall. If its a panoramic wall, find a panoramic shaped piece it its a portrait style wall( tall and narrow) look for a  portrait piece

So with your style in mind have a list of rooms with sizes and you should be able to head out searching.
Do you have any large scale art hanging I would love to see it and share.

All my images are via my Pinterest account which you can view here and see there sources.
Please let me know if you would like to be credited on this blog post and I will include you without hesitation.


  1. We are on the hunt at the moment for some larger scale art for our place. Two larger ones for our living area and some smaller pieces for our dining room. Do you have any suggestions for places in Perth that have great art? Love all the images you've shared and what a fireplace!

  2. Amanda if you can, keep an eye out in the local paper for any highschool art exhibitions these are great places for emerging artists.
    You could contact someone like this for known artist http://www.artbroderick.com.au/home/
    or even this website is great for looking for exhibitions...

    Thers is some fantastic landscape art in King st, I think that its more photographic and Aboriginal....
    all depends on what you are looking for I think.
    I hope you find something, its a great personal touch....;-)

  3. Hi elements
    Some awesome pictures of rooms with fabulous artwork. I remember a room in Home Beautiful that had me totally in love, due solely to a big, gorgeous artwork that was the feature of the whole space. It was a painting of about 4-5 Zebras from behind. All I remember is the scale, the colour used and the quirkiness of the subject matter. Large scale paintings can make a room...it dosent matter what else goes into the space really!
    Great Post
    Mrs B xxx

  4. Love the pictures you have featured in this post! Yes, that fireplace is amazing! I love substantially sized art and many pieces featured here are so well suited to their surroundings!
    x KL

  5. Mrs B, I actually think I remember that.....I agree about what else is going on the room not meaning anything if there is great art....which is probably my point about this post.
    I love that it really talks of the owners personality as well, without any words. Thanks for visiting..;-)

  6. Hi KL, thanks for visiting....yes I did search far and wide for the images I found as I really wanted them to make sense with the post....and of course I wanted them to be inspiring and appealing visually.


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