August 13, 2012

1960's Design Inspiration

Think Madmen and you will get the era I am guest blogging from.
It's the 1960's and I thought I would share decor and design from a time when The Brady Bunch was bringing a mixed family to life, we discovered Plastic and technology and David Hicks was our design guru.
The Panton chair was created, Industrial lights were brought to life, Isola created the Unikko print for Marimekko, Straight line coffee pots took over, the little tulip chair was created, the square wire basket was a decor must have and 
Post war optimism was the focus which meant colour was part of the new decor trend.

Dulux colour book with the colour trends of 1966


Check out the stair risers and cabinet....and the price of the Magazine

The Panton S Chair

From McCall's Decorating Book
Published in 1964
The 1st 7 Chapters are very interesting
Our design elements have not changed.

Castiglioni Light

This was the last page advertisement for Blenko Glass in a 1964 edition of Craft Horizons

David Hicks artwork

Marimekko Uniko design

Pastel kitchens were the trend

Bathrooms were coloured in pastels with brights for contrast

Fridges were big and the kitchen became the Hub of the home

Exposed beams and rock fireplaces have stayed architectural features

Our Furniture design is still pushing boundaries and colour has stayed inspirational

Advertising is still aimed at personality, we are just more subtle at making our target market feel acknowledged

Audrey was on the cover of Vogue

Do you have anything from the 60's around your house?
We have this gorgeous 1964 Classic Car.
I think the 70's will be fun next week.

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  1. Very cool, K! I love those Kroehler sofas!!!


  2. M, I love the idea that what is old is new again.
    Have a great week.

  3. What a cool post! I love that vintage car + the Vogue cover with Audrey is beautiful! It would have been a fun era to live through xx

  4. That house with the exposed beams and big fireplace with the lady playing guitar is in Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia and it is up for sale! The guy who built it (on a concrete 'stick'!) has never changed the interior! Can you imagine!


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