August 07, 2012

Bursts of Green

I have been talking about colour of late and searching the e-globe for trends and tips for you all to make colour easier to understand.
The one colour that kept grabbing my eye, which is in no way new but the way you can use it can be.
Instead of focusing on feature "walls" how about featuring green in other ways.
Here is some inspiration.


Loving all shades of green.
Now how to add more to my own home.


  1. Very refreshing! I havent added green to my decor but I have been adding it to my wardrobe in the way of a nice pair of green skinny jeans !!!

  2. Gorgeous greens!
    Especially loving the first space!


  3. Ooooo loving the green at the moment too!

  4. This is such a gorgeous shade of green! I love those curtains in the first pic against the charocal, it looks amazing! xx


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