August 10, 2012

Deer Head Design

These fantastic pieces come to you from the fantastic artist 
I am sure you will agree she is extremely talented.
You can see her Etsy store Ruby's Lounge here
I was never sure about using deer heads in design but she has changed my mind.
For now I am going to let the images speak for themselves.

Jen custom designs these and they can take 4-8 weeks and get this,
you can even choose a paper to suit your decor or blend in with your surroundings.
If you choose paper from one of her suppliers you will get a beautiful personalised deer head just for you.
Personally as a home decorator that uses mostly black as a base, I think an eye catching blue Ikat would be my choice.

Love this one with the bird paper, you can see the actual paper used below

Jen even offers to ship Internationally and you can get a quote from her or see her Etsy page where she offers estimates.
I think for this custom made beauty its absolutely worth it.

Ok if you pop over to her website you will also see some of these beauties.
Alone hanging au natural on someone's wall I probably would have tried to grab the fly swat.
I know that wouldn't have actually worked. 
But like this I will put them into a frame and hang them.
My children would think they were the best Art we have ever considered
Now which one would I choose and where would I put him.

Jen is also an amazingly talented Illustrator and brings to life books and illustrations with sublime beauty.
She also creates some fantastic book manipulation
Its amazing you must see it for yourself below.

Seriously taleneted with the eye for the creative difference we all aim for.
This Artwork is Copyright protected by Jen Khoshbin please do not reproduce without permission.

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