August 17, 2012

Everything has a Re Purpose

Just in case you had nothing planned this weekend and needed a project.
I have these Re purpose ideas for you. 
Now you have the rest of the day to find these objects and get crafty.
I love the idea above, grab some metal washing tubs, I have seen these lately as ice buckets but now you can  show a new purpose.

An old Buffet makes a great island bench with storage for all your utensils.
I love how simple this is. I think a nice Kelly green paint would be my choice of colour.

An old timber desk top, now doubles as extra kitchen bench space and storage when you have finished.

This is one of my favourite ideas.
Grab an old door stand it up next to your bed and add shelves and a light. You can rearrange it anyway you like, paint it and change the light fixture when you feel like a new look.......and you can take it with you when you move. Perfect in my world.

Could you bring yourself to do this to a claw foot bath. Only if it really can not be salvaged.

Bedside table made easy.
3 suitcases 1 framed mirror and your done.
Too cute

Hands up who knows what this used to be.
I love this.

This one is perfect for kids bedroom doors.
The best part of this one is they can help you paint and glue and feel a part of the process.

Extra Inspiration, you may be lucky and have a few of these industrial springs lying around.

Have a gorgeous weekend. I am doing my own re purposing and cant wait to show you.


  1. Oh, K, I love the suitcases and mirror combo. So.much!!!

    I'm intrigued - looking forward to seeing your repurposing efforts!!


  2. Extra storage is always welcomed in my house, especially in the kitchen where things seem to grow in number on a neverending process. I have a few abandoned furniture pieces in the garage that I believe would be perfect for this repurpose project. An old piece of junk could just be fully utilized on a regular basis without any extra costs.


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