August 03, 2012

Holiday Home Hut

I love when we have nothing on the weekends and we can decide on the day how we feel, but occasionally I long for a holiday home, somewhere that we could just pack up and be there in a couple of hours but still feel completely out of the city.
On problem is the budget doesn't quite stretch to a weekender but I found an alternative.

This is the Hut on a sled.
It has been built by New Zealand Architects Crossan Clarke Carnachan
Its been located in a dedicated erosion zone, so with this in mind all buildings (and Huts) need to be built to satisfy the Planning Commissions need for mobile structures.

The huge shutter at the front of the structure was planned to fold and create shade over the 2 storey glazed front doors when open. 

There is a great vantage point at the top deck for summer viewing.
This little place has all the perks of any summer holiday house.

Simply attach to the tractor and tow back up the beach away from the high tide.
You can also see they allowed for a tank sewerage system and grey water tank.
This Hut is completely sustainable.

More shutters on the side of the house to create ventilation and extra natural light

The large front doors open to a comfortable open plan living/dining area with small kitchen fitted with all the essentials. Above is the master mezzanine bedroom. 

Inside the architects have deliberately matched the feel to its natural surroundings.
Think a life saving observation tower or old beach shack

This Hut has been made to house a family of 5 with theses 3 bunk beds and the master bed, the 40sqm of living well and truly looks after everyone and takes care of all their holiday needs.

Love the industrial taps, a little reminder that you are part of the outside surroundings even when showering.

I love the simplicity of this holiday Hut with all the comfort of home.
Could you stay here, feeling this exposed to the Elements?


  1. Love it's simplicity and openness. Enjoy the beautiful end of the week, Kellie xx

  2. Brilliant! I could imagine myself spending a few days in the hut but not with all my kids. I think it really suits a couple for a romantic weekend away. I wonder how much it costs compared to a normal small home? Have a wonderful weekend!
    Mrs B

  3. Hi Kellie, thanks for popping in....take care.

  4. Mrs B your right 5 in there looks great but it may get a bit busy in the space when the doors are closed...xx

  5. The interior design is nice but the ventilation is still a question.

    check this out


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