September 14, 2012

Colour + Design = Stylish Fun Apartment

New York Apartment.
There is so much here to love.
Including how personal it is. This apartment truly reflects personality with a sprinkle of current trends.
If you started an Inspiration sample board for these clients you would fill it pretty quickly with fabrics, colours and styles.

I love this so much for kids artwork and for function design and style.
It is so much fun.
These people do not take themselves too seriously which I love.

The mix of styling here intrigues me and I actually want to know more.

The right piece of laminated fabric placed behind glass for that extra touch of fun and colour.

I want to be a kid again and ask for a bedroom like this.

The Inspiration never ends.

What more can I say.
This takes so much talent to design and style an apartment with this many features but see them all blend perfectly. I am truly inspired and cant wait to one day add some of these styles to my own home.

Which part of this apartment inspires you?


  1. I just love that couch and the desk area!
    Penny x

  2. I love that bamboo wallpaper _ I certainly could use that on a job or two!

    Melissah from Scrapbook


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