September 13, 2012


Thursdays are a great day to start thinking of the weekend ahead.
I always start organising my self in regards to what DIY I might tackle.
Thursdays are research day, what do I need to get done, what do i need to complete the task
Then when Friday comes I go and source all my products.
I love that the DIY above requires a 4 pack of beer, some (glass coverage) white spray paint and a cute little box and flowers of your choice for decorative effect.

Seriously, this is the coolest DIY ever. Goes to show fun can be decorative and can integrate personal design. Ping Pong tables will never be the same after this is.
I have inspired your ping pong table decorating thoughts haven't I.

This is not so much DIY but just an awesome idea.
Clear one of your drawers or cupboards and create a lunch box drawer.
For everything snacks and lunch related you have one place to find everything. Even the little ones can help.
This even includes, which I love and will include when my little man can read, some little post its with little notes to your kids

..........and lastly something for your fridge.
Your favourite square back tins now have a new home and a new purpose.
Add magnets to the back and you instantly have somewhere for pens that also hold your notepads.
I am thinking straws and toothpicks maybe.

Which one do you think you would use.

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  1. That lunch drawer is a seriously great idea. Everything you need in one spot. Genious!


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