I had the absolute pleasure of chatting and interviewing Leslie Newman Rhodes from Space Interior Design about her amazing kitchen design for some wonderful clients.
Leslie is based in Chicago and launched her company 
in 2006.
She has been working in design since the 70’s and is known for her unique, timeless and wonderful ability to transform challenging spaces with ease.

This clients brief was part of an existing transformation as Leslie had 
already transformed other rooms for them.
As the kitchen was the focal point from the entry and throughout, the client wanted to integrate the kitchen into being another room not just a separated task area.
It really needed to be a very stylish, but totally family functional room.

The room measured 50feet x 15feet with ceiling heights of 8.5feet. 
For us Aussies that is 15.24m x 4.57m and a ceiling height of 2.59m which is a little higher than our standard ceiling heights in Australia.
The design was to be kept as streamlined as possible but still not bland and interest was added with the use of materials rather than pattern and complicated elements.
Leslie explained that many of the cabinets that add 
interest were deceptive in use.

Here is what else she told me about this amazing kitchen.

“The front island cabinets pose as drawers but actually the fronts open like doors to pull out shelves inside. The tall cabinet that looks like many small drawers at the back is actually a china cabinet and 4 tall doors open to give access.”

“The table was made by the wonderful cabinet makers, 
Legacy Woodwork near Chicago, to look like an English antique pull up table my client liked. It is made with old boards and beaten up to look even older, but sealed to wipe up with a sponge.”
On the other side of the sink across from the refrigerator-freezer is a butcher block prep area above the pull out trash can.”

“You will also see the refrigerator and the freezer handles open in the same direction to allow for flow. Other wise your path to the island would be blocked and you would have to walk around the door to put things on the island or in the sink.”

What colours did you use?

“The cabinet design is custom, but it is painted in Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. The ceiling, bookcase and walls are Benjamin Moore Cloud White. The counter top is man made stone, Hanstone.”

What was the reasoning behind the bookcase storage?

“The clients asked if the space could be not only another functioning room but a place that was efficient and comfortable, a place to show off children’s artwork and hide mess easily without looking cluttered.”

“My client is a big TV person and she has 2 TV’s insight lines from the kitchen. The one in the bookcase pulls out, angles and is visible from every part of the kitchen. There are 2 eating areas in this kitchen…one is the antique looking table abutting the island. The other is the round one at the other end of the room and both can see the TV”

Did you make the chandelier?

“We found it at a store called Elements on sale. All old spoons and different items”

Pendant lights over bench tops are very common why did you leave this element out?

“I wanted to make the ceilings feel higher this is the same reason we did not use over head cabinets. The spoon chandelier was the exception and I hung it inside a dome to raise it up so the room would seem less dragged down.”

Leslie also mentioned this fantastic addition near the cook top is a tap for pot filling, perfect planning.
As you can see even these Cabinets all house pull out drawers inside for appliances to sit in, and they are always plugged in and ready for use.

 Leslie is more than happy to answer any other questions and
Please let her know you found her via Elements at Home
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You can contact Leslie Newman Rhodes if your in the US