September 17, 2012

Painted Furniture, Help me Decide

I am thinking I need a bit of coloured furniture.
I have been keeping my eye on E bay and Gumtree for something that will work for us.
Finally I have convinced Husband rather than paying for a cabinet to be made for $800 we would find a piece of furniture that fits and serves the purpose of the media hub.

You can see the space we have and what we found.
We have our door open system on the wall and the calendar will go.
Now to decide what colour.

As you can see the drawers are fake and so is the gold stripe. It is painted on not etched in.
So once we paint the cabinet you will see the little edging around the drawer and the handles only. Not many features going on with design. Hence my thoughts that colour will work well.

My inspiration initially came from here.
I am a big fan of black but I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone now and then. I am thinking this Tiffany looking aqua could be great.

A gloss white would look gorgeous but again reasonably safe.

I seem to be drawn to the blues.

This is dedication.
I love it. Would I have it....Yes...
Would Husband approve it......No...
So the chances it will end up in my house are Nil but can I live vicariously through one of you.

This is prefinished in Black but as far as inspiration goes....I am loving the black and 
on the subject of Husbands, this one, he approves.

I love this pop of colour and its the perfect shade of green.

Before and After

Again with the Black and the correct vignette to finish it off perfectly.

My thoughts are Green, Black, Aqua or White.
Which one do you suggest?


  1. I think this one should be a case of go hard or go home!! My vote is for aqua, but green would be great, too. I've been looking at a lot of black, glossy furniture this morning, and as 'safe' as black may be, it still makes a massive statement.

    Decisions, decisions!!!!



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