September 06, 2012

Pom Poms in Fabric

I need to remake my Pom Poms,
These were the ones for my Little Girls Nursery

She is having fun standing after Nappy change and reaching behind her to grab herself a handful of pom pom.
After successfully grabbing at them, and before I had the chance of lifting them we have a middle section which has been pulled out and squashed.
This does not make for a designer Nursery......;-) 
Well its as close as I could get with the idea we will be selling the house in the near future.
The other thing I had on my mind was that you really need to go big or don't go.
You know what I mean......

This is what I mean......not 3 pom poms like I had but  
at least 7, I am thinking.

So this is all you need.

Fabric in Circles
Hot Glue Gun
Paper lanterns

The Process is fairly simple.
You fold the fabric in half attach some glue in the middle
 then fold in half again to secure the two sides together
then attach some more glue at the base and then

Attach to your lantern and repeat.......until the lantern is covered to your liking.
OK this is going to be little more time consuming than my paper lanterns but I think it will be worth it.

What do you think maybe I mix some fabric and paper ones together.
I think the fabric will need to be a softer than cotton but harder then a chiffon.


  1. They are just so fabulously beautiful and you are just so very kind for taking the time to wish my gorgeous girl a Happy Birthday yesterday! Thankyou so much she was tickled pink! Have a Beautiful day xx

  2. Hello! We had about 100 pom poms for my partner's sister's wedding this summer - took agesssss but so worth it because they looks really pretty!

  3. I love this. It may be time consuming but it is at least achievable.
    Your DD is an adorable little munchkin. She must have been so proud of herself when she grabbed some of the paper lol.


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