We are meeting with our Building Designer next week and I am narrowing down my overall feel for him to keep in mind as he designs our new foralmostever home.
If you know me well you will know that forever home doesn’t exist.
We are Urban gypsies not big fat wedding ones in caravans, simply the type that can easily pack up and move house every couple of years when we decide to build another house to “suit” our current living style. We are addicted to building and renovating basically.
Digression over.
I think as I have worked my way around styles over the years there is one constant love, Global/Worldly/Tribal/Chincoiserie design.
I can’t shake it…….so I have decided to keep it and call it whatever name it is using at the moment and add my new found love of Industrial Colour.
So here I present to you a few images to help me in my new design board collage of what I am going to call
Urban Tribal Industry Design
so if you are into labels this is mine and I will stamp Elements at home all over it.
I have alot of ideas my dear peeps so hold on its going to be bumpy.
Nomadic Tribal
Eastern Tribal Glamour
Spanish Tribal
Tribal Fair
Mod Tribal
Tribal Regency Glamour
Country Tribal
Really are we sure…. no, not sure about this one. I love the rug and then I think it stops there. Yes actually it does stop there. Who knew you could add a bull skull and an Ikat rug and imagine how they work.

Right this one is now called
This doesn’t work for me Tribal, for those who like this room remember Design is Subjective.

These images are probabky the closest to my
Urban Tribal Industry Design style. Mixing old design with new style all on a semi Industrial base. Have a great Thursday everyone.