January 24, 2013

Thursdays a few of my favourite things. DIY LOVE

This gorgeous piece I found on Pinterest and I have to say it is way easier than I had ever imagined.
You can see a more in depth take on the process by clicking the link but as a brief over view this is what it takes to make this cool wall decor.

Use some cheap timber and brace together. Self explanatory by the pic right, but just in case.

Grab a map template and trace. This part can be time consuming so keep that in mind.

Grab a small paintbrush and a tin of stain, and after sanding the timber for a smooth finish get your paint on.......remember stay in the lines or your countries could look like blobs.
Simple right!........well this makes it look simple but we will see.

Valentines day is on the horizon and although we don't do a lot in this house some of you might like to celebrate in a small way. This is a great idea if you have a girlfriend, best friend or Mum that you would like to make smile or that you just want to show some appreciation too.

You can find more instructions and a YouTube tutorial here

As you can see grab 2 felt colours you love cut them into ovals and then add 3 slits in side and within the length and fold in half.
Now do an over and under weave and then change it for the next piece
You can now add string or ribbon if you like and give as a gift. For those with a bigger budget you can open it up and put chocolates or  jewellery inside as a gift. 

Ok this ever so so stylish piece comes from the beautiful and talented Emily Henderson. OH how I love her styling. 
Its an old card catalogue with gold corners and pin legs added on and a piece of mirror for the top.
I love this ALOT. Although there are no instructions to make this piece, you will have to just wing it but I think its worth the wing.

Have you got any DIY projects ready for the weekend.

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