February 07, 2013

Thursday a few of my favourite things. DIY LOVE

What to get for my Hubby for Valentines Day.........hmmm......I have no idea. Well I do have lots of ideas but with a house to build a 1st birthday to pay for a car to fix and all those normal everyday things to spend money on I know the budget does not extend to $$$$ being spent.
What does a girl do to keep some cheap romance happening on Valentines day.
OK that sounds terrible. Cheap Romance.
Romance on a budget is maybe a little better.

Here was my plan. Write Love with a puff paint pen on the side of a jar and paint the jar.
My jar used to hold sun dried tomatoes, so just look in the fridge and you will find something.
Now grab a magazine cut out some love hearts and some string or any tying type stuff 
(very technical here aren't we....... Tying STUFF)
Write on your love hearts anything you like but for me I wrote things Hubby can claim.
1. Hug 2. Dinner (he is usually the cook of the house) 3. Massage. 4 Your Choice
You know so things that don't cost money but he can invoke a love heart whenever he chooses.

On Valentines morning put the vase next to his bed or with his breakfast and tell him all about it. He will be impressed you haven't spent money if he is the Minister of finance like my Hubby and that he can invoke a love heart deal at any time.

Another DIY piece for this valentines day is a gorgeous little canvas you can make.
copy a map of where you met, where he proposed. where you got married, where you live or anywhere that seems special to you and cut them out in love hearts and pin them to your canvas or board.

Type, print or stencil underneath to bring them all together.
Voila, another gorgeous diy gift.

My last find was this stunning Maison jar painted with heart stencils, some ribbon and straws for that fun touch or add his choice of favourite lollies to make him smile.
Happy Valentines DIY Thursday.


  1. Those are pretty and cute ideas for Valentine's...
    if you're on a budget
    I suggest you download a fancy recipe from the internet
    and prepare it for him and serve in candlelight dinner...
    remember to have a nice scent around the room too.

  2. Ooh I love these ideas, too cute! x


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