Every day I stumble across so many beautiful blogs as I research with intensity the looks and styles that are adaptable to my clients homes and of course to my own.
You would have to agree with me that the gorgeous styling from Norwegian Interior Designer and Blogger Therese Knutsen is absolutely worthy of any Glossy Australian Magazine. So I emailed her and she was more than happy for me to feature her on my blog. God I love the blogging world and the many beautiful people that are part of it.
I started researching Coffee Nooks, the article I published yesterday and I came across this stunning little Nook above and had to explore further. I am lucky that google translate was working its magic and that Therese is great at labelling her posts which allowed me to look at everything titled My Place.
Therese has created a beautiful coffee Nook because of Self proclaimed 2nd Passion…….Coffee.
As you will see its not just this part of the kitchen that is beautiful but the rest of her house.
You can see the Before and After of her home and all it took was the insight to paint the existing cupboards in a gorgeous deep grey and take the glass doors off the overhead cabinets, then they added some Ikea shelving to sit on top of the bench tops and over the existing overhead cupboards which create a whole new dimension in height and extra storage.

A very inspirational workspace and don’t you just love that over sized safety pin.
This cabinet was added in and replaced a free standing bath. Therese mentions that the bath was not a necessity and the storage was a much better utilisation of the space. All in her signature greys.

For her sons room she used Ikea kitchen cabinetry as the base of his gorgeous storage bed, in a gloss grey and I have to say before I read that I wondered how I could get a bed like that for my own little man. I love her practical thinking.
Washi Tape finishes his room off and makes that cupboard hold that feeling of fun.

Here is the kitchen living space. A stunning matt grey feature wall brings the two rooms together but also adds the extra depth to make the room feel wider.
Therese and her family are selling this home after being in it for 2 years to start fresh on a new home with Mountain views.
You can see more of Therese and her style over on her blog Eye on Details