Lets talk about Garden Design with Mid-Century Modern Styling.
It is not the easiest list to find but if you are Garden savvy you will be able to pick the plants and pieces that make up this very usable, accessible and cost effective garden design.
A few Umbrella rules I have come across explain that you should use a mix of materials (rocks, timber, grass, metal and crushed stone). You should select water wise plants that keep green foliage all year round. Repeat your plants throughout the exterior. Consider a water feature and allow the geometry of the home to dictate the overall garden design.
My Top 10 to go with this are……..
1. Large Slab Pavers in a geometric pattern.

2. Concrete driveways, simple concrete no exposed aggregate and the best place to play 4square as a kid. Large boulder style Rocks take place of plants as a cost effective alternative.

3. Cane and Wire open Furniture

4. Big Door Handles and Rock face exterior features.

5. Large leaf plants like Elephant ears and large pavers.
6. A Pony Tail Palm Flat Rock pavers and Pea Gravel.
7. Mixed Succulents
8. Timber Cladding
9. Flamingos, every good MCM Garden design needs a long legged bird in the grass.
10. Carriage Horse Rings with Irish moss or Ferns for added colour and height.
Have I missed any of your favourite Mid-Century Modern Garden features.
Tell me, what you would add?