I have been thinking about getting some indoor plants for the new house now that I have that clever little Parrot that can keep them all alive. 
(If you are not sure about my Parrot please head over here to find out) 
So, there I was happily reading up on cactus plants and how to care for them inside and what their botanical names are if I want to find one (or some) for my home…..and then I start seeing articles about Cactus and Feng Shui or Cactus and Vastu Shastra. Both titles always have me a little intrigued so I proceed to read the articles and now find out that Cactus plants inside your home can either cause bad energy or death…….Death! Really. 
I do sometimes feel my actions being persuaded by superstition but not always. 
I touch wood and I don’t speak some thoughts out loud (like, its not going to rain….and then it does coz you said it) I touch white when I see an ambulance and lift my feet up in the car when I go over train tracks, if I remember. 
As you can see I obviously do have some level of superstition in my mind but death to you or a family member for having a cactus inside, I don’t know. Now that I have read it and read the examples, will this override all my knowledge about how plants can’t telepathically make bad things happen and I will still go and buy 1 for our living room.

I just don’t know now. What are the Pros and Cons? I wanted a plant the dog would not eat and I felt a cactus would be just what I needed, but the kids accidentally falling into it……could be likely as my eldest is the one who can fall over just standing still. They look so cool and will be slightly self sufficient with the slight mid century look that I am after.

So as far as the new cactus plant goes maybe I will get a pot full of succulents then.
One of my all time fave songs is Stevie Wonders, Superstitious. Is that saying something?
Have your heard of plant superstitions?