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Hi, I’m Kristie!

Professional Blogger. It took me a few years to tell my friends and family that was my job title but once I embraced it, good things started to happen. I am also an Interior Stylist, Colour Consultant and full time Mummy and Wife. I love colour and design and I love to add a touch of humour to the very serious design world. Corner me in a room and I will talk to you about design for days as I love all aspects of it. If you didn’t love design before I will try and convince you and teach you why its worth appreciating now. I have just finished building house number 4 and renovated 7 in the last 11 years. This house was a simple effective home with minimal obvious intricacies but a few standouts that are perfect for our little family. You can see more about my home here.

Professionally I spent 12 years as a Visual Merchandiser (5 years at David Jones and 7 Years at Freedom) enjoying styling and retail focused design and its many diversities.

About My Blog

With much of my writing originating from real life experience and extensive client research. Elements at Home started in 2009 focusing on Design, Architecture, Decorating, Furniture and Homewares as well as the Designers and Artisans that create everything for the home. Personally I am energised by anything with an eclectic, quirky and mid-century form. I am in love with Paint colours and how they transform a space and the feel that colour brings you when it’s around. I study white paint and all of its tones and I spend many hours helping people find the exact right white for their space. You can read more about paint here. I have just included fashion as part of the blog as I have discovered over the years the links between fashion and interiors is to big to ignore, so embrace I have. You will find guest appearances and images to show you how interior design trends are a direct invitation from the fashion world in how to move forward with colour, pattern, texture and style.