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My Laundry without the LG Twin Wash.

Elements at Home Laundry- Its true, a multi function washing machine is the perfect fit for my family. I have a boy who is always wearing white to Tae Kwon Do and a girl who loves to play in the dirt, plus a hubby that works in a warehouse most days. If he is not lifting heavy things he is at home digging, painting, car cleaning or something out in the garden. He is also the Chief Financial Controller and assistant in home design consultant. I will talk more about him soon. Elements at Home Laundry The LG Twinwash The LG Twin Wash was always going to make my life easier and it was going to solve my lack of washing skills. You see,

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“In conversation with a Building Designer about why you should choose cladding for your home’s exterior”

This year I have been very fortunate to work with Daniel Cassettai Design on a number of design projects. I have been extremely appreciative to be able to bounce ideas off someone with a great design mind and years of practical award winning experience. Because of this association, I have developed an understanding for material use and the idea that creating a truly beautiful, bespoke and unique home has a great deal to do with the finishes that have been envisaged to enhance and support the design. Mixed materials have become the shining light of many homes but it is the interpretation of which product and where its placed that makes the home design a standout. I know Daniel’s aesthetic quite well now and I know he uses architectural products carefully and considerately which

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Tradie’s versus Designers

Let me tell you about the time a painter rolled his eyes (ever so gently) at a designers paint colour choice.  Just a pre-curser to this story is that in 2004 I started in interior design and styling, it was the first time I had to deal with trades and getting quotes and discussing what I wanted from them and how I wanted the job done. In 2008 I started my interior design business and started taking on clients as a designer and dealing with their trades and helping my clients push a few interior boundaries. Move ahead to 2017 and all that feels like a lifetime ago. A time when tradies and designers just didn't get a long and those trades thought designers didn't think about the how and

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Whistle and Squeak. Why Squeaky Clean Makes Sense.

With the imminent arrival of the new and improved Elements at Home blog, I have asked a few of my friends to guest blog and use Elements at Home as the vehicle to direct my readers to some gorgeous "Creatives" and "Makers" that we may not find as easily as our commercial friends. Today we have Deb from Spreading Roomers sharing one of her fave creatives. There are literally hundreds of options on the market these days in the natural cleaners and soaps category, so many in fact, I refused to try any! I do that. I dig my heals in and only jump on the bandwagon once I’m convinced the ride is all mine; but with Sarah it was different. Sarah Bolitho is the

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5 Stylish & Durable Products To Consider For Your Bathroom Design

The Bathroom is one of (if not) the most heavily used rooms in your home. So, it’s important when you design, build, update or renovate your bathroom that you take careful consideration when it comes to fixtures that are stylish and last.

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Work With Nature – The Outdoor Office

As the number of people who work from home continues to increase, the home office is becoming more popular than ever. With Spring finally here, sometimes it is nice to pack up the laptop and take the to-do-list outdoors. But what if you had an Outdoor Office set up ready to go in your own backyard?

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