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Ply Kitchen Ideas

Some times you just need a little inspiration. Trust me, ply is eco friendly design specific. You can enjoy it for years and never fear the cost blow out. Speak to your cabinet maker for quotes but this could be a great way to up cycle or renovate on a budget. source Source Source Source

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White Splashback Ideas.

White Splashbacks do not have to be boring. They can be interesting, fun and stylish. Don't get me wrong in most cases the all white kitchen is starting to lose a little of its traction but the white splashback is certainly not going anywhere. The main reason for this is the ability to create personalisation on

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Have you heard of ASYOUGO? Its a Boundary Movement

I am doing an 11th hour change on our build. She has gone Cray Cray you are thinking given I have done this time and time again. But hey its coz I can, right?Our Kitchen is essentially a white wall of cupboards with a black stone top and some timber wall shelves. Then an Island

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Design and Function meet in your Kitchen.

Creative Design KitchensMaking Design meet function is one of the most important aspects of your new kitchen.Whether you are building or renovating the kitchen, it can always look good, but it must flow and work practically to be a complete success.Getting your functional items checked off the list first is the best start to a

Fridays I’m in Love

Friday I'm in LoveWhy sit in the Dining Room when we put so much thought into these most amazing Kitchens. I say add stools and an Island bench or Dining Table inside the kitchen and stay in there after you have finished working in there.Be part of the conversation and cook with your guests right

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Top 10 Tips for Open Kitchen Shelves

There are many visual reasons for using Open shelves in your kitchen. I thought seeing as its becoming more popular I would explain the top 10 Tips for making Open shelves work for you. Before we get in to it can I tell you 2 things.Open shelves will work in a Large space to add

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Geometric 3D Tiles

Can I tell you when I saw Johnno and Trixie's bathrooms tiles last week I yelled out quite loud "oh wow" Of course this scares my Hubby as he knows it might mean our tile choices are changing.I have been toying with Turkish tiles as my splash back in the kitchen. He has so far

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Kitchen behind a feature wall, small but stylish.

This hidden kitchen is just like a gem that is soon to be uncovered. Behind this 7 meter long feature panel wall is a perfectly convenient and fully functional kitchen. Personally I love it and its perfect for those open plan lofts or small spaced apartments. Everything you need in a small space.So its not

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Timber Tiles, what do you think?

Have you been watching the Block All stars? They are up to Bathroom week and Mark and Duncan's Timber Tiles have got me thinking. I have never been a fan of timber tiles but I have seen what they are trying to achieve and I started wondering if there was a better way. Maybe they have used

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The Chestnut 11, Black Kitchen.

We have been slowly finalising some things to be quoted, yay! Many of you that have built will probably agree that until the Kitchen colours are sorted the rest of the living area decisions really are difficult. I have always been of the belief that the kitchen decisions are first and the rest of the house

A little exposed.

I am completely smitten with exposed brick. I never thought I would say it. Never!But I keep finding new ways to include it in the new house. Do I dare. Even just a little exposed space would work.

Kitchen Benchtop Ideas, Concrete

I have been researching our potential new kitchen benchtops for our new house....whenever we end up finding the right block.And I keep coming back to 2 choices, crazy but they are polar opposite so it will be interesting to see which element wins in the end.I thought I would tell you all the pros and


Kitchen Design Ideas from Space Interior Design

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting and interviewing Leslie Newman Rhodes from Space Interior Design about her amazing kitchen design for some wonderful clients.Leslie is based in Chicago and launched her company Space Interior Designin 2006.She has been working in design since the 70's and is known for her unique, timeless and wonderful ability to transform challenging spaces with ease.This

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Black Kitchens Exposed

Initially a black kitchen can be very intimidating but once you take in your surroundings for a little longer you start to realise you can actually see more and experience the kitchen in a different way.No longer is it a task area as it takes on personality and moodiness that is more often awaiting you